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Located in Knoxville, TN, HG&A Associates, P.C. is a professional accounting firm that provides a comprehensive array of professional accounting and consultation services.

Office Hours: Monday - Friday from 8:00am - 5:00pm

At this time, we are welcoming clients into our office. However, we are limiting in-person meetings at this time. Please call or email our office to schedule an in-person or telephone conference appointment.


To accurately prepare your return & avoid unneccesary delays, we need your              Advance Child Tax Credit (Letter 6419)Third Economic Impact Payment (Letter 6475) letters, which were mailed in late December 2021 and late January 2022, respectively. Please submit these letters with your other tax-related statements.

Ready to submit your information to us? 

For drop-off at our office, please ring the bell inside the lobby for assistance. You may ring our doorbell if you'd prefer not to enter the building.

For electronic submission, you may use our secure FileShare portal to upload your infomation. Please contact us to setup your FileShare portal.

IMPORTANT: To keep your identity safe, do NOT email any information containing account numbers, social security numbers, and/or employer identification numbers.


TO US BY MARCH 18, 2022.

The IRS has expanded online access to your tax records.  If you would like to set up or view your account, visit the "Sign in to Your Account" section at IRS.gov or click this LINK. We're happy to answer any questions regarding your IRS account.

Where is my refund?  Visit "Get Your Refund Status" at IRS.gov or click this LINK.

Advance Child Tax Credit Payments: To view your payments or check your eligibility, visit the "View Your Child Tax Credit Payments" section at IRS.gov or click this LINK.

Stimulus Payment: To view the amount and status of your third payment, visit the "Get Your Economic Impact Payment Status" section at IRS.gov or click this LINK.

For Small Businesses:  The Small Business Administration is offering several programs that may provide relief for small businesses.   One program that continues into 2021 is the Employee Retention Credit.  We can assist small businesses with ERC claims.  For more details on these programs, please contact us, or visit:

Small Business Administration Website

US Department of Treasury Small Business Assistance

SBA COVID-19 Relief Options

For Employers: Employers may be entitled to a credit if employees are paid sick leave or paid family leave wages for COVID-19 related reasons in 2021. Visit the website below for additional information.

US Department of Labor: COVID-19 & FLMA